Learning to Live In The Now. Spreading Awareness & Support To End Suicide

I believe in standing for human rights 

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Stand Tall With The Loving Poet

A poet Struggling to Survive everyday with severe anxiety, depression, BPD & dyslexia. Fighting against Discrimination & Bullying Mental Health advocate

Behind a smile is someone fighting to stay alive. To see value in herself. To find one thing beautiful.

Everything you tell your daughter she will believe.

Bulimia, self harm and suicide attempts as a teenager,  underneath the surface was a lonely child crying inside.

When they are rejected by the person who is supposed to protect them they give up. They fail and fall.

I became what I was told,worthless. Then slowly and painfully I learnt to pick up my broken parts and rebuild myself in to someone I liked.

I accepted my invisible illness as part of me and am learning to love it. No one else’s opinion matters not even, ‘ so called family’s.

I was thrown out at Sixteen living in a dirty room with no hot water and a boyfriend that beat me daily. I was sad alone and afraid and still my mother turned her back and said to stay gone. It’s been a long road many failures many breakdowns and little love or support. I am here, I am standing tall and I’m learning that I deserve a life that is not very so hard.

The joy I find in my simple life with those who love me and my dogs bring some peace and comfort in my life. I hope you enjoy the poetry and my book witch is a journey of hope and strength to all affected by theses issues. Love and Many Thank You’s, Nettie x